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ML plum blossom type elastic shaft coupling

ML plum blossom type elastic shaft coupling has the following characteristics: simple structure, smaller diameter, light weight, reducing shaking buffering, without lubricating, bearing large capacity, convenient repair and so on.


  • Description
  • Plum blossom type elastic shaft coupling is made up of semi-shaft coupling with the same protruding claw

    and elastic component. Utilizing the plum blossom elastc component put between the protruding claw and

    two half shaft coupling. in order to realize the connection of two semiaxis devices.


    Application and Features of plum blossom type elastic shaft coupling:

    It has compensating by two axle to be relative skew, reducing shaking buffering, smaller diameter simple structure, without lubricating,

    bearing large capacity and convenient repair, but the semi-shaft coupling needs to move along the axial while changing the elastic

    component. It is suitable for two with axis, start frequent, positive and negative change, low-speed and medium speed, medium and small

    powerrotate axle department, requiring working dependability high working position: it is not suitable for the heavily loaded and

    restricted axial in size, two axis put in the difficult position after exchange of elastic component.

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