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Service commitment
Cangzhou Tanso Coupling Co., Ltd. provides pre-sale, sale and after-sales service with strong technical strength and perfect service network.  At the same time, we will continue to improve the customer service system and establish a user information database for each customer.(Need your cooperation). Call back after 7 working days after selling the product. We have a one-year warranty on the products we sell. You can purchase not only our products, but also the superior quality assurance and perfect after-sales service that Tanso brings to you.  We will provide economical and durable couplings to ensure you have no worries about using our products.     If you have any questions, please contact us by phone or :

Service tenet

I. product introduction -- tell you the basic knowledge of relevant products. If you want to know more comprehensively, you can ask us for more detailed technical information. If you want to know about all kinds of tiasus coupling products, please click on the product introduction - > classification browse the relevant link

Frequently asked questions -- if you have any questions about our products. You can contact our technical service department through the online service center, and we will answer your questions at any time. You can also directly send an email or telephone for consultation.

Three coupling to recognize, sales network, providing day across the country set up sales service center contact, if you have any service demand, can contact the corresponding regional sales and service center, we will provide timely service for you, if you have other questions, you can also directly call day coupling headquarters to recognize service hotline for counseling.


The service guide

Quality is the life of the enterprise, service is the guarantee of the brand.

Let tianshuo coupling users rest assured is our solemn commitment to you. From the product design, manufacture, inspection, factory and other links, we have fully taken into account your needs, have fully thought of your attention. We unremitting pay close attention to quality, tireless pursuit of perfection, is to build a strong cornerstone of the enterprise, create a world-class brand, always let tianshuo coupling users rest assured!

Users are the source of our food and clothing, your care and patronage to us is the biggest return to us. In addition to the quality of our products presented to you, the more meticulous service to solve your worries. No matter what service requirements you have, as long as you contact us, we will be satisfied to your side!


Cangzhou Tanso Coupling Co., Ltd.



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Cangzhou Tanso Couplings Co., Ltd. (the former Botou Tianshuo Couplings Factory) specializes in the research and production of expansion coupling sleeve, mechanical drives and mechanical seals.