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Gear coupling Installation and Maintenance


2018-12-08 16:56

Below is a summary of the most important procedures and considerations suggested to maximize coupling life.Because of the widespread use of gear couplings, most of these recommendations are well known to gear coupling users. Further details are available upon request.
Proper alignment is the key to long life.
Standard gear couplings accommodate angular and axial offsets, but the lower the operating angle, the longer the life. The couplings should be installed with as small an angle as can be reasonably achieved.Laser alignment or other alignment tools should be used to facilitate meeting this objective.
Proper lubrication is essential to long life.
1. Couplings should be lubricated with a lithium soap based grease with EP additive. Examples include, but are not limited to, Esso Beacon EP and Mobil Temp 78. There are many alternatives from which to choose, since almost every grease manufacturer makes a grease for this and similar applications. It is very important that different kinds of greases not be mixed and even different brands of the same kind of grease should be checked for compatibility before use. Please consult us for special applications such as high speed, extreme temperatures, extreme humidity or water, etc. for special recommendations.
2. After shrink mounting the hubs on the shaft and positioning gear sleeves the cavity between the hub and sleeve should be filled with grease using a spatula. A thin mastic film should be applied to the mating flange faces and the coupling bolts should be tightened to the proper torque (refer to adjacent table).
3. After connecting the flange halves fill the couplings through the grease nipples. When filling through the grease fittings make sure that the coupling is being filled. If there is difficulty in filling, remove a grease fitting or plug. Once you are sure that the coupling is filled, replace any of the grease fittings or plugs you have removed and properly tighten them.
4. After the first 3 months of operation the coupling should be relubricated. From then on the lubrication interval can be extended to 6 months but not exceed a maximum of 1 year. The lubrication interval should take into account the severity of operation.
5. When lubricating, totally replace the grease in the coupling. This is best done by removing the grease fitting 180° from the fitting that is being used to fill the coupling. Pump in fresh grease until it begins to purge from the opening. Once you are sure that the coupling is filled, replace any of the grease fittings or
plugs you have removed and properly tighten them.
6. Every 8,000 working hours or 2 years, the coupling should be opened and the grease should be completely removed and replaced with fresh grease. The flange faces should be cleaned and reconnected following the instructions above in point 2.



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